Spanish Love phrases

Learn various methods to learn English to Spanish and learn to say i love you in spanish

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I adore you (look after you) :Te quiero

I adore you (more serious): Te amo

Do you adore me? (administer to me?) :¿Me quieres?

Do you adore me? (more serious): ¿Me amas?

I (female) am in love: Estoy enamorada

I (male) am in love :Estoy enamorado

You are beautiful :Eres guapa

You are handsome :Eres guapo

I am enthusiastic about you :Me apasiones

You make me happy :Me haces feliz

Will you wed me? :¿Quieres casarte conmigo?

She’s my fiancé :Ella es mi prometida

He’s my fiancé :él es mi prometido

You are the adoration for my life. :Eres el love de mi vida

I love you :Te adoro

I miss you in spanish :Te extraño

Might you want to be my boyfriend? ¿:Quieres ser mi novio?

Might you want to be my girlfriend? :¿Quieres ser mi novia?

I need to be with you forever. :Quiero estar contigo para siempre

I require you :Te necesito

I generally consider you :Siempre pienso en tí

I like you :Me gustas a mí

Kiss me :bésame

Embrace me :abrázame

How Do You Say I Love You in Spanish?

There is more than one approach to “I cherish you in Spanish“. Simply recall that English is not one of the sentiment dialects. In English it is very basic: you should simply say “I adore you”. In Spanish, you would state “te quiero” as I adore you. It would essentially be a gentler shape meaning additionally “I administer to you”. You would utilize that with family and companions. You would utilize “te amo” when it is your mate or somebody with whom you share a sentimental intrigue.

Did you express your affection to anybody? If not, rehearse these expressions with others and see where they take you. After you have discussed love, come back to the Spanish expressions menu to take in some less imperative expressions. You never know, your voyage to learn Spanish may incorporate beginning to look all starry eyed at. There are likewise a wide range of Spanish words in a wide range of points for you to learn. You might need to visit the Spanish verbs page so you can appreciate diverse exercises with your darling. Keep in mind to love others and have a fabulous time taking in the Spanish dialect!


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